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January 13, 2011
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Four Elements, One Avatar by GossamerWing Four Elements, One Avatar by GossamerWing
I've been on a bit of an Avatar kick lately:dummy: And I know this concept has been done a LOT, but I couldn't resist. So, here is my interpretation of what Aang might look like several years post-series. I had a lot of fun drawing older!Aang, especially with a serious look on his face. Of course, I still love it when he's smiling and whatnot (he's so adorable!^-^) Also, I thought it would look cool to put the symbols/characters for the four bending elements behind him...:dance:

I came up with the pose after looking for X/1999 (a manga) artwork on google and came across this [link] picture of Subaru Sumeragi and could not stop thinking, "Oh my gosh, it's grown-up Aang with hair!" (of course, one could also argue that Subaru resembles Zuko, but oh well). I just HAD to draw Aang in that pose.

Medium: watercolor, markers, ink, colored pencils

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar
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Eve-Francesca Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I also love how Aang looks in your CLAMP-y style. He looks awesome! :love: :clap: I also love that you chose to draw him older and I like his serious/almost fierce expression. I also like the letters in the background. They're very pretty and eye-catching. You rule at drawing, I hope you know that! ;) =D :heart: :eager:
GossamerWing Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much^^ I hope to one day draw him again like this (with Katara by his side:heart:...and a smile on his face).
I'm glad you like how I aged him and drew his expression. I wasn't sure I could pull it off. (Plus I'd NEVER drawn people with shaved heads before^^;)
The symbols were fun, but it was tricky trying to find enough screenshots from the opening that actually showed the entire symbol for each nation:dead:
Aww, you are too kind:hug::blush:
Eve-Francesca Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome! =D It would be awesome if you could draw him with Katara and have them smiling. That would be ridiculously cute! :excited: :eager: :love:

You totally pulled Older!Aang off. The same goes for his shaved head. ;) =D

Oh, wow. I'm sure finding all of those screenshots was a tedious hassle. :omfg:

D'aww! Thank you for calling me kind! =) And it's not a problem. ;) =D =D :huggle:
GossamerWing Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad you like the idea:giggle::dance: I think it's pretty hard for them not to be ridiculously cute, though:meow:

Thanks:blush: I hope I can pull it off again in the future:salute::nod:

With it wasn't two bad:shrug:, but I kept forgetting which screenshots I had checked and which I hadn't:faint:

You're welcome^^ Kindness is marvelous that way:heart:
Eve-Francesca Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Of course! :dance: You're welcome. =) That's true. ;)

You're welcome! =) I'm more than confident that you'll be able to pull off Older!Aang again. ;) =D I have faith in you! :dance: :w00t:

That's good. Oh, dear. I bet that was frustrating. I've had that happen too while looking through screencaps before. ^^; :XD:

It sure is. =D :heart: :huggle:
LadyZimaMythos Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Student General Artist
Ooh! Really cool! Of course, anything CLAMP-y tends to look awesome, but I admire your vision here. :D

One thing I must rant about however... Subaru from TRC looks and acts absolutely nothing like Subaru from X. I mean, I know some of CLAMP's character designs tend to morph over time, but I was not pleased to find out how dramatic the change was there.

I mean, they shrunk the kid down, made his hair more stereotypical bishie, and switched his and Kamui's personalities... :X At least, from what I can tell... :faint: I don't know...
GossamerWing Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much^^ Yes, it's pretty hard to beat CLAMP's style...thus I tried to mimic it a bit here:XD:

Aha! Someone else who realized this inconsistency:highfive: I ended up reading TRC before X, and so had no idea that Subaru and Kamui were even from a previous CLAMP series. I didn't even think too much of their TRC counterparts *until* I read X. Once I read X (along with most of CLAMP's other works:XD:) I went back to read TRC and see how many more crossover character references I could spot, and when the Acid Tokyo arc came up I thought, "Whoa, Subaru and Kamui had a personality swap:confused:" I wonder why they made such a choice:hmm:
LadyZimaMythos Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Student General Artist
Yeah...I've tried CLAMP's style before, and never could quite pull it off. :P I suppose it's because they have so much diversity within their own style, which makes it difficult to imitate.

So...I did some further research, I'm guessing Subaru's hairstyle was based off how he looked in Tokyo Babylon, which was sort of a "prequel" to X (I'm not sure if the stories were intertwined or not). But anyhow... :faint: They still made him look more like a pretty boy...which I think is a shame. They have so many pretty boy characters and so many broad-shoulder macho-man characters, that it's nice to have characters who are kinda balanced in both aspects (the way X!Subaru was and the way Touya is...).

And I really don't understand the personality swap. Like, at all. So maybe it's not exactly a swap, but if they need a no-nonsense tough moody one, they should have made Subaru that and made Kamui the more "devil may care" one.

For the most part, CLAMP usually seem to keep to their character's original personalities. I know some people may say that Syaoran's personality changed a lot from CCS to TRC, but I think that's mostly exaggeration on part of the fandom. For whatever reason, many fans of CCS see fit to make him a bitchy, impatient, and rather unrefined character in the world of fanfic, all because of some outbursts that he was prone to in the anime/manga. Honestly, they're not that different. TRC!Syaoran is just more calm and mature, which is to be expected, since he's older than his counterpart. (Other than that, both are shy, very disciplined, rather withdrawn, willing to carry the burdens of others, and would do anything for the one they love. Once you get past the exteriors, you see that they're a lot more alike than you initially think. :giggle:)

But this, as you can just pushing it way too much. >.<
GossamerWing Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Though that diversity within the style is one of the things I like about it, I must say it makes it more difficult if one is trying to study their techniques:faint:

That's what I thought upon seeing his reappearance in TRC, but I liked his X hair (and overall appearance) much more:nod: Yes, X and Tokyo Babylon are intertwined, with the events of TB happening a few years before the ones in X. THANK you for pointing that out:clap: I'm always scouring my CLAMP artbooks for nice, balanced guy characters to use as reference (ugh, learning to draw guys is such a pain:dead:), and it seems like Touya and Subaru are some of the few who fit that build. At other times you've got guys like Yukito and Fai, or Kurogane and Kusanagi (who looks like he could throttle a bull if he wanted:fear:...Good thing he's a nice guy:phew:).

The only explanation I could think of was that CLAMP wanted to make sure Kamui (a rather (in)famous and popular character) got to "chew up the scenery" when they got to the Acid Tokyo arc. As such, they made him be the one to still be "awake" while Subaru was trapped, and thus allowed Kamui to be the brooding, brash, yet more outwardly powerful vampire twin:shrug: Plus, since Kamui was broody enough in X, maybe they thought people wouldn't notice the differences?

I applaud you for pointing this out as well, as it is a great source of annoyance for me. (Especially since CCS Syaoran is my favorite male character EVER.) I was a bit surprised at first when I picked up TRC and read about *that* Syaoran, but then I realized he was simply (as you said) more calm and mature. Also, he simply seemed more open to others, particularly to those he cares about. He also wasn't brought up (at least as a small child living with TRC!Fujitaka) with the intense structure and demands that CCS!Syaoran was. Still, once I got to a certain point, I realized that they were still incredibly similar and completely believed that they shared the same soul:nod:

Ah, well, digression is not always a bad thing:pat:
LadyZimaMythos Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Very true...then again, they were doujin artists to begin with, so that explains a lot. ^^;

Yeah...his look in X was just a very nice and rarely seen appearance in CLAMP manga. I mean, his TB hair wasn't too bad...but they totally made it more fluffy and Fai-esque in TRC. Probably to be more "uke"-ish or whatever. :X

Kusanagi is one crazy-buff mofo. I'd say, don't ever do anything to mess with Yuzuriha, unless you'd want to be at the receiving end of this gentle giant's wrath. :fear: (I still shiver with excitement at their tragic but sweet romance...)

True, Kamui was broody in X. But he was the sad puppy kind of broody. Subaru was more of the stoic brooder, which is why their personality switch in TRC frustrates me. I mean, okay, I understand that it's Kamui and in this world, he and Subaru are supposed to be vampire brothers and he just happens to be the crazy overprotective one (which, isn't out of character for him, per se, but it's not exactly on the mark either). Subaru's supposed to be the more serious one, while Kamui's supposed to be the more emotional one.

It would have made more sense if CLAMP had let it process more like this: Kamui and Subaru arive in Acid Tokyo and when the reservoir reacts, Subaru just immediately throws himself in to protect Kamui, which is pretty much what he does in X, to a certain extent. Kamui freaks out, and angsts for a while and then gets serious/stoic whatever. That would have been a better turn of character. (Though, I do suppose it could be argued that that is what happened, but overall, the main change is that Kamui becomes the "hardened" one and Subaru becomes the one with the more "sweet" demeanor.) Maybe I'm asking for too much, though, 'cause the change in appearance was at least probably to make the both of them look more like "twins". :faint:

Yeah, I mean CCS Syaoran was a bit more short-tempered, but that didn't mean that he was a swearing, ridiculous idiot who went crazy at the slightest provocation. Reasons people seem to think so: his initial meanness to Sakura (the kid's an antisocial who's been raised in a likely competitive environment, in the hopes that he'll efficiently do the task of nabbing the cards ASAP), his reactions to Meilin in the anime (who wouldn't act that way? when your cousin/fiancee shows up out of nowhere and always sees fit to tackle/glomp/huggle the crap out of you? that would scare the shit out of anyone), and his whole pissed-off spectacularmathon towards Eriol (it was because of plain jealousy + possesiveness. Sakura was Syaoran's first actual love, and to see the limey exchange student getting all up close and personal with her after just meeting probably struck a nerve; after all, he was the one who had been around Sakura for a while and then realized the feelings he had for her). His difference in temperance is definitely a result from setting (you got it right on the mark :D).
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